Shawano Brunch Host

Synergy Family Dairy

Each year a Shawano County farm opens their doors to the community for Brunch on the Farm!  Get to know the farmers who work hard everyday to care for their animals and produce milk we all enjoy.

About the Farm 

Synergy Family Dairy is owned and operated by Jay and Heather Jauquet, along with their three children Mason, Carter, and Evan.  They milk 650 cows, raise all their youngstock, and own 565 acres of land. The Jauquets also work with neighbors to custom grow additional forages to round out the herd's yearly feed supply. Their herd is known for its high genetic merit and are also hosting a sale highlighting their genetics, as well as those of neighbors and friends, in May called the Breeder's Bash.

 Synergy Family Dairy is current a host for the Adopt-A-Cow program which facilitates over 500 Wisconsin classrooms adopting calves from their dairy throughout the current school year.