Past Brunch Hosts

Triple D Dairy, Clintonville - 2022

Host Family: David, Connie, Jacob, and Erin Viergutz 

Triple D Dairy is a 500-cow dairy, located outside of Clintonville. It is owned and operated by David, Connie, Jacob, and Erin Viergutz. The family milks in a double-nine parlor 3 times per day and farms 1150 acres. The Viergutz family will host the brunch for the third time over the past years. It is a family business and David is the 5th generation on this family-owned farm.

Back 40 Acres, Pulaski 2021

Host Family: Wayne & Connie Nischke, Kayla &  David Coehoorn, and Ashley and Ricky Mikle

Back 40 Acres is a 150 cow, robotic dairy farm located outside of Pulaski. It is owned and operated by Wayne and Connie Nischke along with their children Kayla and David Coehoorn and Ashley and Ricky Mikle. They updated their facilities from a tie-stall barn to two DeLaval robot milking systems and free stall barn in 2017.  They farm 750 acres of corn, alfalfa, soybeans, and wheat.